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Wolverine Asset Management LLC Reduces Stake in Infint Acquisition Corp

Wolverine Asset Management LLC, a Chicago-based investment firm, recently executed a significant transaction involving Infint Acquisition Corp. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the transaction, the profiles of both the guru and the traded company, and the potential implications for value investors.

Details of the Transaction

On August 22, 2023, Wolverine Asset Management LLC reduced its stake in Infint Acquisition Corp by 340,901 shares, bringing its total holdings to 529,800 shares. The transaction was executed at a price of $11.01 per share and had a -0.07 impact on the firm’s portfolio. The firm now holds a 3.44% stake in Infint Acquisition Corp, representing 0.12% of its total portfolio.

Profile of the Guru: Wolverine Asset Management LLC

Wolverine Asset Management LLC is a renowned investment firm based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm manages a diverse portfolio of 1,683 stocks, with a total equity of $5.01 billion. Its top holdings include S&P 500 ETF TRUST ETF(

SPY, Financial), Infinera Corp(INFN, Financial), RBC Bearings Inc(RBC, Financial), Coherent Corp(IIVI.PFD, Financial), and Clarivate PLC(CLVTpA.PFD). The firm’s investment strategy primarily focuses on the Financial Services and Technology sectors. 1694620802973958144.png

Profile of the Traded Company: Infint Acquisition Corp

Infint Acquisition Corp is a US-based blank check company. With a market capitalization of $169.438 million, the company’s current stock price stands at $10.99. The company’s PE Percentage is 70.00, indicating that it is currently profitable. 1694620783759851520.png

Analysis of the Traded Stock

Infint Acquisition Corp has a GF Score of 24/100, suggesting a poor future performance potential. The company’s Financial Strength is rated 8/10, while its Profitability Rank is 2/10. The company’s Growth Rank is 0/10, indicating no significant growth in recent years.

Performance of the Traded Stock

Since the transaction, Infint Acquisition Corp’s stock has decreased by -0.18%. However, since its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on January 10, 2022, the stock has gained 11.57%. The stock’s Year-to-date price change ratio is 5.98.


In conclusion, Wolverine Asset Management LLC’s recent reduction in its stake in Infint Acquisition Corp is a significant transaction that has implications for both the firm and the traded company. While the transaction had a minor impact on the firm’s portfolio, it may signal a shift in the firm’s investment strategy. For value investors, this transaction and the performance of Infint Acquisition Corp’s stock provide valuable insights into the current market dynamics and potential investment opportunities.

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