Try GuruFocus Tools’ 30-Year Financials and Historical Charts Templates

GuruFocus is pleased to announce users can access a few premade templates for the new Google Sheets add-on, including a few templates that give key fundamental information about a company.

The 30-Year Financials template allows users to retrieve up to 30 years of financial data grouped into several categories, including per-share data, ratios, income statement, balance sheet, cashflow statement, valuation ratios and quality metrics. Likewise, the Historical Charts template allows users to visualize trends in the financial data through a wide range of charts.


To access the templates, please first install the Google Sheets add-on using the steps outlined in the Quick Start Guide. Then, click on the “Explore Templates” button, as Figure 1 illustrates.


Figure 1

You can also access the templates directly within the add-on by clicking the “Templates” button in the GuruFocus Tools dashboard, as Figure 2 illustrates.


Figure 2

Make sure you save a local copy of the template before using it. Click on the “File” menu and select “Make a Copy,” as Figure 3 illustrates.


Figure 3

Enter the desired name of your copy and click the green “Make a Copy” button to save a copy into your Google Drive. Figure 4 illustrates the “Make a Copy” wizard.


Figure 4


For the 30-year financials template, enter the stock ticker in Cell B12 and the retrieve data frequency in Cell B13. For retrieve data frequency, enter “Annual” or A to retrieve annual data, “Quarterly” or Q to retrieve quarterly data or leave blank to retrieve the current / trailing12-month data. Do not change the formulas or sparkline charts in the other cells. Figure 5 illustrates the input cells for the 30-year financials template.


Figure 5

The same input cells apply for the historical financial charts template as well, as Figure 6 illustrates.


If you have any questions about our Google Sheets feature, please contact us. Users can also book a demo of the Google Sheets feature by clicking on the “Book a Demo” button, as Figure 7 illustrates.


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