This Insider Just Sold Shares of Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc

GuruFocus data shows that Christopher Anzalone, CEO of Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc. ( ARWR), sold 146388 shares on February 22, 2012.

Insiders selling shares can cause investors concern. This could indicate that insiders have become bearish about the shares of their company’s stock. Investors should pay close attention to insiders’ ability to determine the company’s value. We will take a closer look at the insider sale to determine if Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc is worthy of some skeptical investors.

Christopher Anzalone trades

Christopher Anzalone sold 271388 shares over the last year.

Christopher Anzalone may have been selling the stock of their company over a more long-term. Contrary to what was expected, this could be a good sign for stock. Insiders selling frequently could indicate that their company has a large number of stock options for executives. Executives will sell some shares to raise cash. It is possible, however, that insiders became more bearish about the stock. Insider selling should not be taken lightly by investors.

Trends from the inside

One insider selling doesn’t necessarily mean other insiders have a bearish view of the stock. Is the stock being sold by other insiders? Or have top company executives and owners bought more recently?

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc’s insider transactions history shows that there were 1 insider buys over the last year. During the same period, 18 insider sales were made.

Christopher Anzalone has not been the only insider to sell shares in recent months. Other company insiders have also started selling more than buying, which can be problematic for investors. We should remember that insiders can sell shares for various reasons. A high level of insider sales could indicate a negative sign or neutral, depending upon the motivation behind it.

Please note, the numbers and facts quoted are as of the writing of this article and may not factor in the latest trading data or company announcements.

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  • CEO Buys, CFO Buys: Stocks that are bought by their CEO/CFOs.
  • Insider Cluster Buys: Stocks that multiple company officers and directors have bought.
  • Double Buys:: Companies that both Gurus and Insiders are buying
  • Triple Buys: Companies that both Gurus and Insiders are buying, and Company is buying back.

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