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Sylebra Capital Ltd Boosts Stake in Impinj Inc

On August 31, 2023,

Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio) increased its holdings in Impinj Inc (PI, Financial), adding 79,370 shares to its portfolio. This transaction, which saw the firm’s total shares in Impinj Inc rise to 3,948,566, resulted in a trade change of 2.05%. The trade had a 0.21% impact on Sylebra Capital’s portfolio, with the shares acquired at a price of $66.11 each. This move has increased Sylebra Capital’s position in Impinj Inc to 10.69% of its portfolio and 14.70% of the company’s total shares.

About Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio)

Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio) is a Hong Kong-based investment firm. The firm’s portfolio consists of 22 stocks, with a total equity of $2.44 billion. Its top holdings include Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD, Financial), Impinj Inc (PI, Financial), RingCentral Inc (RNG, Financial), Elastic NV (ESTC, Financial), and PureCycle Technologies Inc (PCT, Financial). The firm’s investments are primarily concentrated in the Technology and Industrials sectors.1699301654106472448.png

Impinj Inc: A Brief Overview

Impinj Inc, listed under the symbol PI, is a US-based company that went public on July 21, 2016. The company operates a platform that enables wireless connectivity to everyday items, delivering each item’s identity, location, and authenticity to business and consumer applications. Its primary segments include Endpoint Integrated Circuits (ICs) and Systems. As of the date of this article, Impinj Inc has a market capitalization of $1.82 billion and a stock price of $67.83.1699301631335596032.png

Stock Performance and Valuation

Impinj Inc currently has a PE percentage of 0.00, indicating that the company is operating at a loss. According to GuruFocus’s valuation, the stock is potentially a value trap, with a GF Value of 103.52 and a Price to GF Value ratio of 0.66. Since the transaction, the stock has gained 2.6%, and since its IPO, it has increased by 276.83%. However, the stock has seen a year-to-date decline of 38.48%.

Stock Potential and Financial Health

Impinj Inc has a GF Score of 72/100, indicating average future performance potential. The company’s financial strength is ranked 4/10, with a profitability rank of 3/10. Its growth rank is 7/10, and its GF Value Rank is 10/10. The company’s momentum rank is 4/10, and it has a Piotroski F-Score of 3 and an Altman Z score of 3.17.

Impinj Inc’s cash to debt ratio is 0.37, ranking it 1856th in the industry. The company’s ROE is -105.58, and its ROA is -4.24. Over the past three years, the company has seen a gross margin growth of 1.10, an operating margin growth of 8.10, and a revenue growth of 13.00.

Future Performance Predictions

Impinj Inc’s predictability rank is currently not available. The company’s RSI 5 Day is 78.45, its RSI 9 Day is 66.43, and its RSI 14 Day is 55.22. The company’s momentum index 6 – 1 month is -56.35, and its momentum index 12 – 1 month is -28.45. The RSI 14 Day rank is 1751, and the momentum index 6 – 1 month rank is 2371.


In conclusion,

Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio)’s recent acquisition of additional shares in Impinj Inc is a significant move that increases its stake in the company. Despite the company’s current financial performance and the stock’s valuation, Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio)’s increased investment could potentially yield positive returns in the future, given the company’s growth rank and the firm’s investment strategy. However, investors should exercise caution due to the stock’s current GF Score and the company’s financial health.

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