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Sylebra Capital Ltd Adds to Its Stake in Impinj Inc

On August 14, 2023, Hong Kong-based investment firm

Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio) increased its stake in Impinj Inc (PI, Financial), a leading provider of wireless connectivity solutions. This article will delve into the details of the transaction, provide an overview of Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio) and Impinj Inc, and analyze the potential implications of this investment move.

Details of the Transaction

Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio) added 63,672 shares of Impinj Inc to its portfolio, representing a 2.05% change in shares. The shares were purchased at a price of $60.51 each. Following this transaction, Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio) now holds a total of 3,175,497 shares in Impinj Inc, accounting for 7.87% of its portfolio and 11.82% of Impinj Inc’s total shares. The transaction had a 0.16% impact on Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio)’s portfolio.

Profile of Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio)

Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio) is an investment firm located at 28 Hennessy Road, 20th Floor, Hong Kong. The firm currently holds 22 stocks in its portfolio, with a total equity of $2.44 billion. Its top holdings include Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD, Financial), Impinj Inc (PI, Financial), RingCentral Inc (RNG, Financial), Elastic NV (ESTC, Financial), and PureCycle Technologies Inc (PCT, Financial). The firm’s investments are primarily concentrated in the Technology and Industrials sectors.1692084087847649280.png

Overview of Impinj Inc

Impinj Inc, symbol PI, is a US-based company that operates a platform enabling wireless connectivity to everyday items. The company’s platform includes endpoint integrated circuits (ICs) product and a connectivity layer. Impinj Inc has a market capitalization of $1.61 billion and its stock is currently priced at $59.9. The company’s GF Score is 77/100, indicating good outperformance potential.1692084068079894528.png

Impinj Inc’s Financial Health and Growth Prospects

Impinj Inc’s financial strength is ranked 4/10, and its profitability rank is also 4/10. The company’s growth rank is 7/10, indicating a decent growth potential. The company’s GF Value Rank is 8/10, and its momentum rank is 7/10. The company’s Piotroski F-Score is 3, and its Altman Z score is 2.75. The company’s cash to debt ratio is 0.37, and its operating margin growth is 8.10.

Analysis of the Transaction

The addition of Impinj Inc shares to

Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio)’s portfolio suggests the firm sees potential in the company’s growth prospects and financial health. The transaction increases Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio)’s exposure to the Technology sector and could potentially enhance the firm’s portfolio performance. For Impinj Inc, the increased stake by a significant investor could boost investor confidence and potentially impact the stock’s performance positively.


In conclusion,

Sylebra Capital Ltd (Trades, Portfolio)’s recent addition to its stake in Impinj Inc is a strategic move that aligns with the firm’s investment philosophy. The transaction could potentially influence the performance of both the firm’s portfolio and Impinj Inc’s stock. Investors should monitor the situation closely for any potential implications.

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