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Steven Scruggs Comments on Performance Contributors and Portfolio Positioning

Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) Contributors

Fabrinet (FN, Financial) is a contract manufacturer of optical communications sensors and equipment. The companyhas dominant scale in hard-to-replicate precision-manufacturing technologies and an enviable track record of execution. The majority of sales are to optical communications equipment manufacturers, but Fabrinet has been successfully diversifying into the data center, industrial, auto, and medical end-markets. The stock jumped after reporting June 2023 earnings – datacenter sales increased 50% sequentially and more than 100% over the previous year, driven by their 800-gigabyte transceivers for Artificial Intelligence applications. The company also announced that Nvidia is a 10%+ customer.9 Fabrinet was a top-five holding in the Fund before their latest earnings announcement and, although we have trimmed our position, is currently the largest holding. While we continue to evaluate what we believe is a positive step change in the company’s earnings power, we are seeking to take some profits in keeping with our risk management policies.

InterDigital (IDCC, Financial) is a research and development organization that develops and acquires wireless and videopatents across key technologies. The company has a history of strong financial performance, opportunistically buys back shares, and pays a modest dividend. Shares jumped earlier this year when InterDigital announced licensing renewals with Samsung, LG, and Panasonic and then reported strong fourth quarter 2022 results.10

Deckers (DECK, Financial) is a footwear and apparel company that owns the UGG, Hoka, Teva, Sanuk, and Koolaburra Management has done a masterful job growing and extending the UGG franchise. Now they are repeating their success with Hoka running shoes which surpassed $1 billion in sales last year.11 At over 20 times earnings (as of Sep 30, 2023), we have weighed Deckers’ full valuation against the quality of the management team, strong brands, and net cash balance sheet and are comfortable with the Fund’s current position.

AEL (AEL, Financial) is a leading writer of fixed-index annuities. The company is undergoing an ambitioustransformation plan, led by CEO Anant Bhalla, to diversify into alternatives and move assets off balance sheet, creating a fee income stream and freeing up-capital for buybacks (a program they refer to as AEL 2.0). As of 23Q2, AEL had 25% of its balance sheet in private assets.12 The company has had several takeover offers over the years and on June 27, 2023 Brookfield bid $55 per share for the business.13

MasTec (MTZ, Financial) is a contractor that builds and repairs infrastructure for telecoms, electric utilities, oil and gaspipelines, and the clean energy industry. The Mas brothers have an impressive history of rolling up smaller players and growing earnings, most recently in the electrical and clean energy sectors.14 The company is benefiting from strong spending for 5G in telecom and government support (including the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act) for clean energy and the electrical grid.15 We took profits and reduced our position as MasTec’s story outran the company fundamentals earlier this year. In its second quarter earnings release, the company reduced 2023 guidance citing project delays, and the stock retraced some of its earlier gains.16

Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) Detractors

United Natural Foods (UNFI, Financial)

distributes natural and organic food. Whole Foods is a 20% customer,but UNFI has done a reasonable job diversifying its product and customer base, with a big boost from its acquisition of SuperValu in 2018.17 The company’s share price has declined with three successive earnings misses and guidance revisions this year.18 UNFI is suffering from a combination of volatile food prices, consumers trading down from high-priced organic food items, and pricing and execution mistakes by the company. Distribution is usually a resilient business model and, on a normalized basis, UNFI looks cheap. But the company is now in full-bore turnaround mode, and we have been judicious about adding to our position.

ServisFirst Bank (SFBS, Financial) is a conservatively-run lending franchise led by founder Tom Broughton. ServisFirsthires local bankers but doesn’t build branches, which promotes best-in-class efficiency metrics while maintaining a strong and conservative lending culture. Return on equity (ROE) and average earnings-per-share growth have been near 20% for the last 10 years through year end 202219 – very attractive results for a conservative, vanilla commercial lender. ServisFirst shares declined significantly following the failure of Silicon Valley Bank but have outperformed the regional bank ETFs on a year-to-date basis.20 We think investors are concerned about ServisFirst’s uninsured commercial deposits and the stock’s premium price-to-book valuation. But we are comfortable that although the bank will raise deposit rates, its commercial relationships are sticky, and ServisFirst’s high net interest margin and return on equity (ROE) will allow it to weather the storm better than its competitors. SFBS’ 23Q2 earnings report validated our confidence in the company.21

Concentrix (CNXC, Financial) is one of the top two customer experience (CX) vendors globally. The company started offmanaging call centers but has since evolved into a high-tech business process outsourcer (BPO) that also designs and runs customer-facing websites and apps, integrates the data, and optimizes a client’s customer interactions. CX is a relatively new business, and Concentrix has been acquiring smaller competitors. In March, 2023 they bought WebHelp, a leading European CX player, for $4.8B in cash and stock.22 We believe the WebHelp acquisition will help consolidate an industry where Concentrix and Teleperformance are the largest players. The company was spun out from TD Synnex, another of the Fund’s core holdings, and we have always been impressed with the company’s innovation and growth. The market is currently worried about the potential of artificial intelligence to disrupt Concentrix’ core call center business and shares of all CX companies have underperformed.23

UGI Corp (UGI, Financial) owns gas utilities and pipelines in Pennsylvania and West Virginia and the largest propanedistribution businesses in the United States and Europe. This is our kind of company – despite its disparate parts, UGI has increased earnings at a relatively steady high single digit rate historically while distributing excess cash through dividends.24 We believe shares are down primarily because of poor execution at AmeriGas, UGI’s U.S. propane business, but also because of losses at the company’s European energy marketing business and the negative effects of warm weather on earnings. We believe UGI is attractive at less than 10x earnings, and we have been incrementally adding to the Fund’s position.

Livent (LTHM, Financial) is an integrated, low-cost lithium producer that was spun out from FMC in 2018. This is anunusual investment for us – we normally avoid the commodity and materials sectors and have kept our position in Livent small. But we believe Livent has a unique position in an industry with a strong long-term outlook. The company generates cash, is virtually debt-free (as of Sep 30, 2023), and has considerable capacity additions planned near-term. In May, Livent announced an all-stock combination with Australia’s Allkem that should add scale, allow for cost reductions, and help consolidate the market. 25 The company’s share price has declined along with lithium prices despite Livent’s relatively long-term contracts and reiteration of 2023 guidance.26

Portfolio Positioning

The Fund’s cash position is generally a residual of the investment process. When we cannot find companies that meet our stringent criteria, we will allow cash to build. Over the long term, we would prefer to own a diversified portfolio of quality companies (acquired at reasonable prices) instead of cash. But we weigh this objective against our reluctance to sacrifice a margin of safety and risk of permanent impairment of-capital. At quarter end, our cash position was 9.7%.

During the quarter, we added one new position, added to fifteen current holdings, and reduced one current holding.

Despite the recent market volatility and an uncertain macro environment, we feel better about the Fund’s long-term prospects than we have in quite some time. We do not make short term predictions on market direction. But the current portfolio valuations, competitive positions, and track records of execution of the Fund’s holdings give us confidence that they will be worth more in three-to-five years than they are today.

As always, and as significant co-investors in the Fund, we appreciate your trust in us to be good stewards of your-capital. If you would like to discuss performance or the Fund’s portfolio holdings in greater detail, please let us know.


Steve Scruggs, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Ben Mellman, Senior Analyst

October 13, 2023

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Important Disclosures

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Fund performance presented is calculated on a total return basis, which includes the reinvestment of all income, plus realized and unrealized gains/losses, if applicable. Unless otherwise indicated, performance results are presented on a net of fees basis and reflect the deduction of, among other things: management fees, brokerage commissions, operating and administrative expenses, and accrued performance fee/allocation, if applicable.

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The Fund primarily invests in equity securities (common stocks, preferred stocks and convertible securities) of small-capitalization U.S. companies, defined as those with market-capitalization, at the time of purchase, that is no greaterthan the largest market-capitalization of any company included in the Russell 2000 Index. Investing in small companies involves special risks including, but not limited to, the following: smaller companies typically have more risk and their company stock prices are more volatile than that of large companies; their securities may be less liquid and may be thinly traded which makes it more difficult to dispose of them at prevailing market prices; these companies may be more adversely affected by poor economic or market conditions; they may have limited product lines, limited access to financial resources, and may be dependent on a limited management group; and small-cap stocks may fluctuate independently of large-cap stocks. All investment decisions are made at the discretion of the Portfolio Manager, in accordance with the then current Prospectus. Comparison to any index is for illustrative purposes only.

The prices of securities held by the Fund may decline in response to certain events taking place around the world, including those directly involving the companies whose securities are owned by the Fund. Securities in the Fund’s portfolio may underperform due to inflation (or expectations for inflation), interest rates, global demand for particular products or resources, natural disasters, pandemics, epidemics, terrorism, regulatory events and governmental or quasi-governmental actions. There is a risk that you may lose money by investing in the Fund.

Value style investing presents the risk that the holdings or securities may never reach their full market value because the market fails to recognize what the portfolio management team considers the true business value or because the portfolio management team has misjudged those values. In addition, value style investing may fall out of favor and underperform growth or other styles of investing during given periods.

Please refer to the Fund’s Prospectus for a complete overview of the primary risks associated with the Fund.

The FPA Funds are distributed by UMB Distribution Services, LLC, 235 W. Galena Street, Milwaukee, WI, 53212. UMB and FPA are not affiliated.

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