September Members Engagement Meeting Recap

GuruFocus founder Dr. Charlie Tian went live today to highlight new GuruFocus features and answer questions that came up during his presentation. He showed off the Discussion Board, Comparison Table, Fund Letter Archive and several other new features.

Watch the full presentation here:

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Tian started off his presentation by showing the audience the Change Log, where they are able to see all of the major changes that have been made on GuruFocus. He made note that the Change Log will not include things like bug fixes, but any major changes will be posted with links to new features.

The first new feature he showed off was the Discussion Board that provides a central place for GuruFocus members to chat with each other on different topics. The discussions that members start in the Stock Notes area will also populate on the Discussion board so that other people can join in the conversation. Tian also announced that GuruFocus is actively looking for active members that can act as moderators of the Discussion Board. Anyone interested should send an email to [email protected] for additional information.

From there, Tian shifted to the Comparison Table, which also includes the Historical Analysis tool. These features allow members to directly compare their own groupings of stocks or quickly add in direct competitors for a searched company. These tools also allow users to directly save their tables and also export the data to Excel. Members can add in their portfolios with the click of button for easy access.

Another feature that Tian showed off was the Fund Letter Archive. This tool allows users to search back through all of the quarterly letters that GuruFocus has acquired since 2016. Moving forward, these letters will be posted on a quarterly basis and will cover as many funds as possible to create a centralized place for members to do their own reading.

Tian then took the time to answer questions from the audience. The topics he covered ranged from different valuation strategies, where he highlighted the GF Value Line, to economic cycles and the risk involved in companies like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (

BABA, Financial).


Looking towards the future, Tian let the audience know that the 30-Year Financials pages are currently undergoing updates and that our developers are working on moving them to our new server system. This will allow members to customize how they view the data and even add customized rows to the data table. Users will also be able to add in their own data to further personalize the financials page to their liking. Tian stated that the changes should hopefully be finished by the next Members Engagement Meeting and that members should keep an eye on the Change Log for its official release.

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