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Power Trading Analyst Interview

Everyone here has been very helpful in the past with interview stuff so I figured I’d turn here again. I’ve been invited for an onsite interview for an analyst position in a power trading company, which I’m very excited about. However, after the last interview I’m genuinely unsure what else they could want to ask me, especially for the 4+ hours that its scheduled for. The last round was with some people that seemed fairly high up for doing analyst interviews, so I’m not sure that its just a matter of interviewing with higher ranking people. My biggest concern is that I show up and they ask me to take a coding test or something considering their looking for a fairly analytical skillset. During the last round they asked how I was with Python and I was honest with them and said I have experience with it and have done a few small projects but I’m by no means proficient. Any advice on what to expect would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, would it be appropriate for me to just email the hiring manager I’ve been working with and ask if they can give me any kind of heads up on what to expect? Thanks in advance.

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