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ORGO – StockXpo’s Techfund Pick – Almost Doubled in just 5 weeks

Hello everyone, StockXpo is back again with another great achievement registered in our book of success. First of all we would like to welcome you on our platform and we hope you are finding our articles interesting and useful. Our main goal is to provide you with the best resources, as we are not just helping to investors and traders; but also the beginner, who wants to understand and start investing in the stock market.

Here we want to highlight that our TechFund Strategy has been doing great since we started to publish our strategies from October 9th under Stock Picks. Moreover this strategy has been back-tested and confirmed by our team of experts to provide the profit of 51.50% compared to S&P 500 providing 18.40%. 

Last time we had $SMTS in november and $MOGO in december in our watchlist and that performed well. This time we have a new stock performing constantly well – $ORGO which has increased more than 85% since we have added that in our TechFund strategy picks.

Let us calculate the P&L since we have sent the buy alert for the $ORGO.

Stock Symbol $ORGO
Buy Alert Date 01-08-2021
Buy Price $7.65
Sell Alert Date NA
Sell Price NA
Current Price(As of 02-09-21) $14.41
Profit(Current Price - Buy Price) $6.76
Profit % 88.36%

Company Background

Organogenesis Holdings, Inc. is a regenerative medical company. It focuses on the development, manufacture and commercialization of product solutions for the advanced wound care, surgical and sports medicine markets. The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Canton, MA.

Technical Analysis

The ORGO stock has moved higher by 63.6% in the past month, while it was also above its 20 day SMA too. Here is the strong combination of favorable technical and price performance due to which it is still going up. Also, it could continue to go high in the near future.

So make sure to keep an eye on this stock and check  if this recent move continues.

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