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October Members Engagement Meeting Recap

GuruFocus founder Dr. Charlie Tian went live today to introduce new GuruFocus features and answer questions that came up during his presentation. He showed off the new and improved 30-Year Financial Page, which now allows you to customize views and fields, and several other new features.

Watch the full presentation here:

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Tian started off the presentation by highlighting the changes that have been made to the 30-Year Financial Page. In addition to adding analyst estimates to the very top table, users can now customize the different sections of data by rearranging them, add or delete different fields within each category or even remove them completely.

He then moved on to discussing customized fields, which allows users to add their own specific metrics. Tian also revealed that the GuruFocus team is working on adding a new element where users can input their own data into the Financial page.

As an added bonus, Tian showed the audience that for foreign companies like LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE (

XPAR:MC, Financial), there is now an option to convert the currency to U.S. dollars and even show its performance as a year-over-year percentage. Per-share data and percent changes are also available.

Other exciting new additions include data for mutual funds like the Baron Partners Fund and backtesting now being available for over 80 countries.

One user asked about being able to backtest for single stocks, to which Tian directed them to Apple Inc.’s (

AAPL, Financial) performance chart on the Summary page. There, you can compare its performance to competitors. You can also calculate its return including dividends.


Looking toward the future, Tian let the audience know that a Cloud version of the GuruFocus Excel Add-In is in the works. Stay tuned for all our exciting new developments over the coming months!

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