New Quarter—-Peso and CRB Index

Twenty two days ago, I mentioned of taking a long Mexican Peso position while shorting the Dollar Index at 97 and above.

This morning I liquidated my Pesos, but am keeping my Dollar position with a loss. I am not bearish Pesos! But when you triple what you risked——it doesn’t hurt running to the bank! There’s a great adage, “limit your risks and let your profits run”, and believe in this! That’s why I do multiple contracts. Trade some, let others run!

I did something I haven’t done for quite sometime—I looked up a current 25 and 5 year CRB chart! I was surprised at what I saw!

It’s a brand new quarter today! Hope yours will be profitable! These next six months are very, very important! All my best,

The Prophet Pro

PS Don’t ever invest by hearsay, whether from me or anyone! Take accountability and rely on your own intelligence, understanding and wisdom! Paper trading is far different from real money investing! Sheep and Pigs do get slaughtered!!!

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