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New Feature: Enhanced Layout Options in the Interactive Chart

We are excited to share a significant update to our Interactive Chart feature that is designed to enhance your experience on GuruFocus. Recognizing the challenges of visualizing multiple stocks with various tickers in a single chart, we have introduced a new layout feature. This innovative addition allows you to organize your charts by series type or by tickers, offering a cleaner and more user-friendly way to view stocks.

The new layout feature

The new layout feature is designed to create visuals that are both compelling and easy to understand. With this update, you can now categorize charts by series type or by ticker, allowing for a more organized and streamlined view.


Capabilities of the new layout feature

Here’s what you can do with the new layout feature:

  1. Single chart: Continue to see all your stocks in one unified chart if you prefer the traditional view.
  2. Chart per series: Organize your charts by series type, allowing for a more focused analysis of specific data sets.
  3. Panel per ticker: Separate each ticker into its own panel, making it easier to compare and contrast different stocks.

Guide to using the new layout feature

After navigating to the Interactive Chart, you will find the new layout menu listed with the other customization options at the top of the page. From there, you can select from “Single Chart,” “Chart per Series” or “Chart per Ticker” to change the layout of your charts. It is that easy!

Benefits of the new layout feature

  • Enhanced readability: By categorizing charts, you can quickly identify trends and patterns without the clutter.
  • Customized analysis: Tailor your chart layout to suit your specific analysis needs and preferences.
  • Professional visuals: Create sleek and professional visuals that enhance your investment decision-making process.

Invitation to explore the new feature

We know this new feature will significantly enhance your experience on GuruFocus, making it easier to analyze and interpret complex data. We invite you to explore this new layout option and see how it can change the way you use our Interactive Chart.

As always, we are committed to providing you with the best tools and features to support your investment journey. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please do not hesitate to share your thoughts on this new feature.

Thank you for being a part of the GuruFocus community. Happy investing!

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