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Hot Stocks to buy for Swing Trading for this week – Expert Stock Picks of the Week by StockXpo

Hello to all our readers including Traders, Investors, Analysts, and others!!!! 

Let’s recap this week’s latest news. Jim Cramer on Wednesday said the Federal Reserve must pay attention to recent retail earnings reports to plan the rest of its battle against inflation. He says the Fed should consider retail earnings over economic data for its inflation strategy. Crypto’s Transparency May Be Part of the Problem Right Now. Crypto Lender Genesis Suspends Withdrawals After FTX Collapse.

If you are a regular reader, you may be already aware, that we recommend 10-12 stocks in 2 different categories – 1. ValueGrowth and 2. TechFund, to fit different trading styles and strategies. You can find more details about these strategies in our FAQ section. This is more of a swing trading, as we keep balancing our portfolio every week, mostly on Friday. If you are new, welcome. Visit our site to get all relevant information about stocks and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on our Swing Trading Stock Picks. We send out our newsletter as soon as we publish our stock picks. We hope that you love our articles and get all the details so keep coming to our site for more information. Swing traders primarily use technical analysis for swing trading, but here we combine technical analysis with fundamental analysis and choose the best stock market investment which is best and safe for swing trading. We have tested out our strategy with more than 20 years of data and it performed well against S&P 500.

Here we are again with this week’s recommendations. Please note that overall the market was very much on the upside, and whether you are following our recommendations or not, I am sure if you have been trading this week ending today then you must have collected a lot of profits. If not, and you are skeptical about the market, add swing trading to your trading strategy and get started to follow our recommendations. We are going to publish the performance results for the last few months and this year to date, to give you some ideas of how we have been compared against the S&P 500 and other major indexes. 

StockXpo's – ValueGrowth Strategy

As you know, this is more like Buffett's Value Strategy, but our stock-picking criterion is to pick the top 3 out of such value stocks. Moreover, we are more likely to hold them for the short term, not the long term. Our backtesting suggests that weekly balancing gives very good results week over week and year over year, it can grow your portfolio exponentially if you just consistently follow these strategies. So our picks are $UPLD, and $GLP in this category.

Stock Symbol Company Name Action
EGRX Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Sell
UPLD Upland Software, Inc. Hold
GLP Global Partners Hold

UPLD(Upland Software, Inc.): Upland Software, Inc. provides cloud-based enterprise work management software in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and internationally. It offers a family of software applications under the Upland brand in the areas of marketing, sales, contact center, project management, information technology, business operations, and human resources and legal. The company also provides professional services, such as implementation, data extraction, integration and configuration, and training services, as well as customer support services. It serves large global corporations, various government agencies, and small and medium-sized businesses, as well as financial, consulting, technology, manufacturing, media, telecommunication, political, healthcare, life sciences, retail and hospitality, and non-profit industries through direct and indirect sales organizations. 

GLP(Global Partners LP): Global Partners LP engages in the purchasing, selling, gathering, blending, storing, and logistics of transporting gasoline and gasoline blendstocks, distillates, residual oil, renewable fuels, crude oil, and propane to wholesalers, retailers, and commercial customers in the New England states Mid-Atlantic region, and New York. The company is also involved in the transportation of petroleum products and renewable fuels through rail from the mid-continent region of the United States and Canada. Its Wholesale segment sells home heating oil, branded and unbranded gasoline and gasoline blendstocks, diesel, kerosene, residual oil, and propane to home heating oil retailers and wholesale distributors. 

StockXpo's TechFund Strategy

This is the most active category and we give a lot of preference here to stocks that have strong technical and strong fundamental current and past track records. That’s why we call it the TechFund (TAFA) strategy. Just like other strategies, we pick these companies here for weekly-based swing trade recommendations.

we have added it from this list $MOD,$LYTS,$RPTX,$NINE,$RYAM,$SMCI & $BNFT Removed $STRL, $TEX, $AVEO, $OSPN

Stock Symbol Company Name Action
STRL Sterling Infrastructure, Inc. Sell
TEX Terex Corporation. Sell
AVEO AVEO Pharmaceuticals. Sell
OSPN OneSpan Inc. Sell
MOD Modine Manufacturing Company, Inc. Hold
NINE Nine Energy Service, Inc. Hold
SMCI Super Micro Computer, Inc. Hold
LYTS LSI Industries Inc. Buy
RPTX Repare Therapeutics Inc. Buy
RYAM Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. Buy
BNFT Benefitfocus, Inc. Buy


MOD(Modine Manufacturing Company): Modine Manufacturing Company provides engineered heat transfer systems and heat transfer components for use in on- and off-highway original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vehicular applications. It operates through Climate Solutions and Performance Technologies segments. The company offers gas-fired, hydronic, electric, and oil-fired unit heaters; indoor and outdoor duct furnaces; infrared units; perimeter heating products, such as commercial fin-tube radiation, cabinet unit heaters, and convectors; roof-mounted direct- and indirect-fired makeup air units; unit ventilators; single packaged vertical units; precision air conditioning units for data center applications; air handler units; fan walls; chillers; ceiling cassettes; hybrid fan coils; and condensers and condensing units. It also provides microchannel, heat recovery, round tube plate fin, and motor and generator cooling coils; evaporator unit, fluid, transformer oil, gas, air blast, and dry and brine coolers, as well as remote condensers; and coatings to protect against corrosion.

LYTS(LSI Industries Inc.): LSI Industries Inc. produces and sells non-residential lighting and retail display solutions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Latin America. It operates in two segments, Lighting and Display Solutions. The Lighting segment manufactures, markets, and sells non-residential outdoor and indoor lighting fixtures and control solutions in the commercial and industrial markets. This segment also offers lighting control products, including sensors, photocontrols, dimmers, motion detection, and Bluetooth systems to support lighting fixtures; and designs, engineers, and manufactures electronic circuit boards, assemblies, and sub-assemblies.

RPTX(Repare Therapeutics Inc.): Repare Therapeutics Inc., a clinical-stage precision oncology company, discovers and develops therapeutics by using its synthetic lethality approach in Canada and the United States. The company uses its SNIPRx, a proprietary, genome-wide, and CRISPR-enabled platform to systematically discover and develop highly targeted cancer therapies that focuses on genomic instability, including DNA damage repair. Its lead product candidate is RP-3500, an oral small molecule inhibitor for the treatment of solid tumors with specific DNA damage repair-related genomic alterations. 

NINE(Nine Energy Service, Inc.): Nine Energy Service, Inc. operates as an onshore completion services provider that targets unconventional oil and gas resource development across North American basins and internationally. It offers cementing services, which consist of blending high-grade cement and water with various solid and liquid additives to create a cement slurry that is pumped between the casing and the wellbore of the well. The company also provides a portfolio of completion tools, such as liner hangers and accessories, fracture isolation packers, frac sleeves, stage one prep tools, frac plugs, casing flotation tools, specialty open hole float equipment, disk subs, composite cement retainers, and centralizers that provide pinpoint frac sleeve system technologies.

RYAM(Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc.): Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. manufactures and sells cellulose specialty products in the United States, China, Canada, Japan, Europe, Latin America, other Asian countries, and internationally. The company operates through High Purity Cellulose, Paperboard, and High-Yield Pulp segments. Its products include cellulose specialties, which are natural polymers that are used as raw materials to manufacture a range of consumer-oriented products, such as liquid crystal displays, impact-resistant plastics, thickeners for food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cigarette filters, high-tenacity rayon yarn for tires and industrial hoses, food casings, paints, and lacquers.

SMCI(Super Micro Computer, Inc.):  Super Micro Computer, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, develops and manufactures high-performance server and storage solutions based on modular and open architecture. Its solutions range from complete server, storage, modular blade servers, blades, workstations, full racks, networking devices, server management software, and server sub-systems, as well as security software. The company also provides application-optimized server solutions, including rackmount and blade servers, storage systems, and subsystems and accessories; and server software management solutions, such as Server Management Suite, including Supermicro Server Manager, Supermicro Power Management software, Supermicro Update Manager, SuperCloud Composer, and SuperDoctor 5. In addition, it offers server subsystems and accessories comprising server boards, chassis, power supplies, and other accessories.

BNFT(Benefitfocus, Inc.):  Benefitfocus, Inc. provides cloud-based benefits management technology solutions for employers and health plans in the United States. Its products for employers comprise Benefitplace, a cloud-based benefits management portal that streamlines online enrollment, employee communication, and benefit administration; Health Insights, a data analytics solution; ACA Management and Reporting, a solution for employers to manage ACA compliance; Billing & Payments, an application that synchronizes enrollment and billing information to streamline the monthly billing process, automate adjustments, and enhance accuracy of payments; and COBRA Administration, a solution that simplifies management of Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, benefits.


StockXpo's Diversification Strategy

Companies often consider diversification when they reach a certain point in their development. Igor Ansoff identified diversification as one of the four main growth strategies in 1957, and it allows companies to look at other markets or new products to expand their reach and revenue.

Diversification aims to smooth out unsystematic risk occurrences in a portfolio by ensuring that the positive performance of some investments balances out the negative performance of others. Only if the securities in the portfolio are not completely correlated—that is, if they react to market factors differently, frequently in opposing ways—does diversification pay off.

If you are following all strategies and watchlist – here is the recommendation for the StocXpo diversification Strategy- 

Stock Symbol Company Name Action
STRL Sterling Infrastructure, Inc. Sell
TEX Terex Corporation . Sell
EGRX Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Sell
AVEO AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Sell
OSPN OneSpan Inc.. Sell
NINE Nine Energy Service, Inc. Hold
SMCI Super Micro Computer, Inc. Hold
UPLD Upland Software, Inc. Hold
GLP Global Partners Hold
MOD Modine Manufacturing Company. Hold
LYTS LSI Industries Inc.. Buy
RPTX Repare Therapeutics Inc. Buy
RYAM Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc.. Buy
BNFT Benefitfocus, Inc. . Buy


I hope this information will help you buy good stocks for your swing trading. See you next Friday. Keep coming to our website for stock-related queries and information.

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