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Hallador Energy Co (HNRG) (Q1 2024) Earnings Call Transcript Highlights: Navigating Financial …

Release Date: May 07, 2024

For the complete transcript of the earnings call, please refer to the full earnings call transcript.

Positive Points

  • Hallador Energy Co (HNRG, Financial) successfully reduced its debt by $14.5 million during the quarter, lowering its funded debt balance to $77 million.
  • The company’s liquidity at the end of the quarter was strong at $39.5 million, with a leverage ratio well within covenant limits at 1.58 times.
  • Electric operations revenues exceeded coal operations revenues, indicating successful growth in the electric power segment.
  • Hallador Energy Co (HNRG) added approximately $138 million in forward energy and capacity sales, growing its electric operations forward sales book to about $657 million.
  • The company has made significant operational savings and higher margins in the coal segment by idling production at higher cost mines and focusing on lower cost production.

Negative Points

  • Hallador Energy Co (HNRG) reported a net loss of $1.7 million for the first quarter of 2024, equating to a loss of $0.05 per share.
  • The transition from coal production to an independent power producer (IPP) involves significant restructuring, including workforce reductions and operational changes.
  • Variable costs at the power plant were higher due to low energy prices, necessitating running the plant at slower speeds and more frequent starts and stops.
  • The company faces challenges in fully hedging its power output, which has led to selling a significant portion of power in the spot market at fluctuating prices.
  • There are ongoing uncertainties in the energy market, including regulatory changes and market demand fluctuations, which could impact future performance.

Q & A Highlights

Q: Can you discuss the forward sales position on the power side and the expected revenue build-up of the Power segment?
A: Brent Bilsland, CEO, explained that Hallador sold a significant amount of energy at $34 per megawatt hour as part of the plant sale agreement for 2024 and 2025. Since then, they have sold over 5 million megawatt hours at an average of $54 per megawatt hour. The company sees strong pricing in the forward sales curve, driven by new demand from AI, EVs, and onshoring. Bilsland highlighted the potential for large transactions in the power division, indicating a positive outlook for future sales.

Q: What are the cash flow implications of the current business model and the expected changes with new potential large contracts?
A: Brent Bilsland discussed the transition to a more hedged future, aiming to contract a higher percentage of forward sales to stabilize operations. He emphasized the goal of operating both units of their power plant at minimum load to ensure efficiency and profitability. The strategy includes a mix of contracted and spot market sales to optimize revenue while managing costs effectively.

Q: Could you provide insights into the EPA’s new Clean Power rule and its implications for Hallador Energy?
A: Brent Bilsland addressed the complexities of balancing reliable power supply with reduced carbon emissions. He speculated that the new rule might face legal challenges but also outlined a potential pathway for Hallador’s operations through 2039 using co-firing with gas. Bilsland expressed confidence in the longevity and profitability of their business amidst these regulatory changes.

Q: Are there any plans for acquisitions or expansions given the current industry dynamics and Hallador’s strategic pivot?
A: Brent Bilsland confirmed ongoing discussions about potential acquisitions and emphasized building a team capable of enhancing the value of acquired assets. He mentioned exploring additional value-adding opportunities through partnerships, particularly with data centers, to leverage the company’s existing infrastructure and expertise.

Q: How does Hallador Energy plan to manage the variability in power demand and pricing, especially with the shift towards more renewable sources?
A: The CEO discussed strategies to increase the contracted portion of their power sales to stabilize revenue and reduce exposure to volatile spot markets. He highlighted the importance of maintaining operational flexibility to adapt to market conditions and regulatory changes, ensuring the company remains competitive and resilient.

Q: What are the expected impacts of transitioning from coal to a more diversified energy portfolio on Hallador’s financial health and operational efficiency?
A: Brent Bilsland outlined the benefits of diversifying into power production, noting improvements in financial stability and operational efficiency. The transition aims to reduce reliance on coal and capitalize on growing energy demand sectors, positioning Hallador to take advantage of emerging market opportunities and enhance shareholder value.

For the complete transcript of the earnings call, please refer to the full earnings call transcript.

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