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Golden Matrix Group Inc (GMGI) Reports Record Q2 2024 Revenue of $39 Million, Driven by …

On July 9, 2024, Golden Matrix Group Inc (GMGI, Financial) released its 8-K filing, announcing record revenues exceeding $39 million for the second quarter ended June 30, 2024. This marks the first reporting period to include consolidated revenues from the recently acquired MeridianBet Group.

Golden Matrix Group Inc is an established gaming technology company that develops and owns online gaming IP and builds configurable and scalable white-label social gaming platforms for its international customers, primarily in the Asia Pacific region. The company operates in two reportable segments: B2B and B2C, with the B2C segment earning the majority of the revenue. The company operates in the UK, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, offering configurable and scalable iGaming platforms and operating some of the industry’s iconic brands, including MexPlay, R Kings Competitions, and GM-AG.

Performance and Challenges

Golden Matrix Group Inc (GMGI, Financial) reported significant achievements in the second quarter, driven by the successful integration of MeridianBet Group. The acquisition has bolstered GMGI’s revenue streams, with MeridianBet’s operations in Brazil and new licenses in South Africa and Peru contributing to the growth. However, the company faces challenges such as managing growth, integrating acquisitions, and navigating regulatory environments across multiple jurisdictions.

Financial Achievements

The company’s financial achievements are noteworthy, particularly in the interactive media industry. The roll-out of new technology and an updated website for RKingsCompetitions Ltd has resulted in the strongest quarterly revenues for RKings since its acquisition in 2022. Additionally, MeridianBet’s sportsbook in Brazil posted a 13% increase in wagering from Q1 to Q2 2024, and Expanse Studios saw a 26% revenue increase over the same period.


Key Financial Metrics

While detailed financial statements are yet to be released, preliminary results indicate robust performance. The company’s revenue exceeded $39 million, marking a significant milestone. The integration of MeridianBet Group has been a key driver, with its operations contributing substantially to the consolidated revenues.

Metric Q2 2024 Q1 2024
Revenue $39 million Not Available
Brazil Sportsbook Wagering $14.7 million $13 million
Expanse Studios Revenue Growth 26% increase Not Available

Commentary and Analysis

“Our acquisition of MeridianBet Group is off to a great start, with this strong initial quarter and expectations for continued growth of revenues and profits for the foreseeable future,” said GMGI CEO, Brian Goodman.

The CEO’s commentary underscores the positive impact of the acquisition and the company’s strategic direction. The conversion of $4 million of deferred debt into shares by the largest shareholder further demonstrates confidence in GMGI’s ongoing performance.

Golden Matrix Group Inc (GMGI, Financial) is poised for continued growth, leveraging its technological advancements and strategic acquisitions. The company’s focus on expanding its B2B and B2C segments worldwide, coupled with evaluating new acquisition opportunities, positions it well for sustained financial performance.

Further details on the financial results for the second quarter ending June 30, 2024, will be available in GMGI’s Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q, expected to be filed on or about August 14, 2024.

Explore the complete 8-K earnings release (here) from Golden Matrix Group Inc for further details.

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