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Long story short, im trying to become a physical trader, ideally natural gas but gasoline and/or oil are also options. I worked commodity operations at major investment bank in nyc on the trading floor booking trades, building new products for traders on internal systems, updating PnL, liaising with schedulers, etc. moved over to a major downstream oil company as a fuel pricing analyst pricing our physical gasoline across stations along PADD 1. Been in the role almost 3 years. Lots more responsibilities here including managing risk, margin accountability, and volume plus looking at PnL for my own region, plus physically updating prices based on competitors movement and the price of RBOB. I like the job, its very interesting and I have a direct impact on the bottom line. The thing is I want to move over to the trading side. I know my next step probably should be bulk scheduling ie. Pipe, Rail, Barge but i would like to go right to trading as im getting into my late 20s. Can any1 feed me some advice, whats the logical move here. I see plenty of opportunities for both traders and schedulers but would like to use my skills to get into the physical trading side at a commodities player (Vitol, Trafig) or stay at the place im at now (big oil firm) and move over to the trading desk…

Also should i get my Series 3, will I need this to trade physical at an O&G major or even at a place like vitol? for the record i have 0 interest in getting into paper trading, yuck. I like the logistical side of things and work quite closely with our logistics team right now in my current role, just want to go into trading…? Thoughts

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