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D6 VIRGIN FUEL OIL – Rotterdam

Please let me know if you have any interest. If so I will *send ICPO information.

D6 VIRGIN FUEL OIL LIFTABLE QUANTITY: 100 to 200,000,000 Gallons plus contract. ORIGIN: RUSSIA FEDERATION PRICE: Gross $0.66 / Net $0.64 per gallon COMMISSION $0.01/ $0.01 FOB SPOT PROCEDURE FOR RUSSIAN & ROTTERDAM PORT

  1. Buyer issues ICPO with a copy of company certificate and passport copy also must be on company letterhead.
  2. Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI) for the available quantity in the seller storage tank in Rotterdam.
  3. Buyer sign Commercial Invoice (CI) and then return with NCNDA/IMFPA .
  4. Seller issues buyer the following documents: • Fresh SGS • Tank storage receipt. (TSR) with GPS coordination data • Availability of Product. • Certificate of Origin. • ATV. To contact • pre-injection report • Export License • Authorization to Sell and collect (ATSC).
  5. Upon successful SGS verification, Seller commence injection immediately into buyer tank at RTDM and issues buyer Title of Ownership certificate and export license.
  6. Buyer makes payment by MT103 or TT wire transfer for the total product and lifts the product and seller pays all intermediary involved in the transaction.
  7. Buyer and seller make agreement to roll over to one year contract to continue transaction.

*Qualified buyers only

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