Big week—Check Your Wallet

Since May, I’ve been warning and warning that we will see ‘Deflation’ and the worst economic turn in my lifetime. I gave mention to get out of the stock market before the end of September. Today’s market will plunge—-the largest economy in the past year—-is no coincidence I feel.

Get liquid!!!! That’s my warning! Move a huge portion of your ‘retirement’ into a money market—-and know that your custodian—-will not recommend doing so. This move reduces their fees!

Still am long the US Dollar, and short higher price commodities like Wheat, Cotton and some others I am eyeballing.

The greatest one investment opportunities stand before us. Major turns are happening in my humble opinion, and know this—-Debt— is cancer, and America leads the world in debt! Have a great week!

The Prophet Pro

There are absolutely no guarantees when investing in futures and options

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