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Beach Point Capital Management LP Acquires New Stake in Diebold Nixdorf Inc

Introduction to the Transaction

On August 11, 2023, Beach Point Capital Management LP made a significant move in the stock market by acquiring a new stake in Diebold Nixdorf Inc. The firm purchased 3,340,903 shares of the company, marking a notable addition to its portfolio. The transaction was executed at a trade price of $0.0232 per share, making the total value of the new holdings approximately $77,500. The trade had a minor impact of 0.05% on the firm’s portfolio.

Profile of the Guru

Beach Point Capital Management LP, based in Santa Monica, California, is a well-established investment firm. The firm’s portfolio consists of 14 stocks, with a total equity of $172 million. The firm’s top holdings include Great Ajax Corp (

AJX, Financial), Velocity Financial Inc (VEL, Financial), MultiPlan Corp (MPLN, Financial), Frontier Communications Parent Inc (FYBR, Financial), and Terran Orbital Corp (LLAP, Financial). The firm primarily focuses on the Financial Services and Real Estate sectors. 1693020198048628736.png

Details of the Trade

The acquisition of 3,340,903 shares in Diebold Nixdorf Inc represents a new holding for Beach Point Capital Management LP. The traded stock now accounts for 0.05% of the firm’s portfolio. Furthermore, the firm now holds an 8.90% stake in Diebold Nixdorf Inc.

Overview of Diebold Nixdorf Inc

Diebold Nixdorf Inc, symbolized as DBD, is a US-based company that made its initial public offering on April 27, 1964. The company specializes in providing software and hardware services for the financial and retail industries. Its customer segments include banking, which offers integrated solutions for financial institutions, and retail, which offers solutions, software, and services to improve the checkout process for retailers. The company’s market capitalization stands at $4.352 million, with a current stock price of $20.07. 1693020176586375168.png

Analysis of Diebold Nixdorf Inc’s Financials

Diebold Nixdorf Inc currently has a PE percentage of 0.00, indicating that the company is at a loss. The company’s GF Value, which represents the current intrinsic value of the stock, is $2408.40. The price to GF Value ratio is 0.01, suggesting that the stock is undervalued. Since the transaction, the stock has gained 86408.62%, and since its IPO, it has gained 540.46%. The year-to-date price change ratio is 1274.66%.

Evaluation of Diebold Nixdorf Inc’s Performance

Diebold Nixdorf Inc has a GF Score of 48/100, indicating poor future performance potential. The company’s Financial Strength is ranked 4/10, and its Profitability Rank is 3/10. The company’s Growth Rank is 1/10, indicating a lack of growth. The company’s Piotroski F-Score is 3, and its Altman Z score is -0.85, suggesting potential financial distress.

Examination of Diebold Nixdorf Inc’s Growth and Momentum

Over the past three years, Diebold Nixdorf Inc has experienced a revenue growth of -7.20%, EBITDA growth of 0.00%, and earning growth of -20.20%. The company’s RSI 5 day is 86.94, RSI 9 day is 88.82, and RSI 14 day is 89.48. The company’s momentum index 6 – 1 month is -98.34, and momentum index 12 – 1 month is -98.68.


In conclusion, Beach Point Capital Management LP’s acquisition of a new stake in Diebold Nixdorf Inc is a significant move that adds a new dimension to its portfolio. Despite Diebold Nixdorf Inc’s poor growth and profitability ranks, the firm’s decision to invest in the company could be based on its potential for future growth and its current undervalued status. This transaction provides valuable insights for value investors, highlighting the importance of comprehensive analysis in making investment decisions.

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