B.C.’s Big Secret: This Map Could Pinpoint the Next Massive Gold Discovery!

What will catalyze the next Gold Rush of the 2020’s? Surely, it will be gold’s next re-test of $2,000 on the way to significantly higher prices – and with that, the mineral-rich regions of Canada’s British Columbia will suddenly be a hotbed of activity and attention from the financial media.

Of course, the most successful junior miners are anticipating this Gold Rush and are staking their claims on local sites with proven and probable resources, and where the neighboring miners have already struck veins and profited handsomely.

Mining-sector insiders are currently focusing on one particular area of British Columbia – not a huge tract of land, but a highly concentrated area with impressive historical results. Some legendary mineral discoveries have been made there already, so we’re keeping a close watch on the activity in this region.

The locals in this area have actually given it a name: The Golden Triangle. Believe it or not, over 150 mines have operated in this area since prospectors first arrived at the end of the 19th century.

The Golden Triangle is famous for its vast deposits of both gold and copper, as well as other high-demand minerals such as silver, nickel, and zinc. This area is also known to be mining-friendly and to have much of the necessary infrastructure already in place.

Geologically, the Golden Triangle is a hotbed of mineral resources just waiting to be discovered. That’s because the site is located within the Sulphurets Hydrothermal System, which hosts one of the world’s largest concentrations of minerals.

The stats bear this out, as reportedly the Golden Triangle is host to a whopping 188 million ounces of gold estimated reserves, with 47.5 million proven and probable; 1.2 billion ounces silver, with 214 million proven and probable; as well as 55 billion pounds copper, with 10 billion proven and probable.

Not only that, but the mineral deposits formed in the Golden Triangle are known to be found near the surface, at depths of 2,000 to 2,500 meters. This near-surface mineralization allows for easy access to many of these deposits – it’s basically a lay-up for junior miners in the area now.

One of the miners that’s already highly active in the Golden Triangle is Goldplay Mining (TSX-V:AUC, US-OTCQB:AUCCF), a Canadian company that specializes in gold, copper, and other in-demand mineral assets.

Right in the heart of the Golden Triangle is Goldplay Mining’s property, known as Scottie West. Historical work in the immediate area has already been conducted on the past-producing Scottie Gold gold-silver mine to the east, as well as on the Granduc base metals mine to the west of Scottie West Property.

Located approximately 30 kilometers northwest of Stewart, B.C., the Scottie West Property covers a total of 6,358.8 hectares – a sizable stake in the Golden Triangle, for sure. The claims on the Property cover highly favorable geology, as mapped by the B.C. Geological Survey.

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