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Akero Therapeutics Inc (AKRO) Q1 2024 Earnings: Misses Analyst Forecast Amid Continued …


Akero Therapeutics Inc (AKRO, Financial) released its 8-K filing on May 10, 2024, detailing its financial results for the first quarter of 2024. The clinical-stage biotechnology company, focused on developing treatments for serious metabolic diseases such as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), reported a net loss of $53.34 million for the quarter, which translates to a loss of $0.90 per share. This result misses the analyst estimates that projected a loss of $0.95 per share.

Company Overview and Clinical Developments

Akero Therapeutics is at the forefront of addressing NASH, a critical area with high unmet medical needs and no approved therapies. Their lead candidate, efruxifermin (EFX), is designed to tackle the core processes underlying NASH pathogenesis. During the first quarter, significant progress was made in the clinical development of EFX, particularly with the Phase 2b HARMONY study showing promising results over a 96-week period.

Financial Highlights and Strategic Funding

The company’s financial health is supported by a robust balance sheet, boasting $903.7 million in cash, cash equivalents, and short-term marketable securities following a successful equity offering in March 2024. This positions Akero well to fund its operations and ongoing clinical trials into the second half of 2027. Total assets have significantly increased to $912.2 million from $580.3 million at the end of the previous year.

Detailed Financial Analysis

Despite the promising clinical advancements, Akero’s operating expenses have more than doubled compared to the same period last year, primarily due to increased investments in research and development which surged to $50.65 million from $21.79 million. This substantial increase underscores the company’s commitment to advancing its clinical programs, particularly the Phase 3 SYNCHRONY studies and the ongoing Phase 2b trials.

Market and Future Outlook

The potential market for NASH treatments is significant, with an estimated 17 million Americans affected by the disease, which is a leading cause of liver transplants in the US and Europe. Akero’s strategic focus on this area, backed by a strong cash position, provides a favorable long-term outlook despite short-term financial losses attributed to heavy R&D expenditures.

As Akero Therapeutics continues to navigate the complexities of NASH treatment development, its financial strategy and clinical progress will be critical in shaping the company’s trajectory in the highly competitive biotechnology industry.


While the first quarter of 2024 has seen Akero Therapeutics widen its financial losses, the strategic developments in its clinical programs and the strengthened financial position through successful fundraising efforts highlight a clear path forward. The company remains a key player to watch in the biotechnology sector, particularly for investors interested in groundbreaking treatments for metabolic diseases.

For detailed financial figures and more information on Akero’s operational strategies, visit the full 8-K filing.

Explore the complete 8-K earnings release (here) from Akero Therapeutics Inc for further details.

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